There are several hotels within a 10km radius of Casa Fiesta.

As we have never stayed in any of them we cannot give you any personal recommendations.

We have collected the following hotels from the website.

Click on the hotel name to be taken to the hotel page on for full details and to make a booking.

If you are going to use a taxi please remember to book the return journey at the time you make the booking, or it will be very difficult to get picked up. A list of Taxi's can be found by clicking this link

As our address does not appear on any of the Sat Nav systems please WhatsApp us on 610 622 017 for a Location Link when you are leaving the hotel so that you can direct the taxi driver to the house.

Hotel la Finca Golf & Spa Resort


Approx. 7kms from Casa Fiesta rating 82% from 125 reviews

Vistabella - Azahar Gardens


Approx. 8kms from Casa Fiesta rating 84% from 7 reviews

Bed & Breakfast Casa Beli


Approx. 2kms from Casa Fiesta as birds fly, but 5.5kms by road rating 97% from 15 reviews

Cielo Golf La Finca

Castillo de Montemar

Approx. 7kms from Casa Fiesta

No rating yet. 

Hotel Almoradi


Approx. 5kms from Casa Fiesta rating 72% from 68 reviews

Palacio de Tudemir Boutique Hotel


Approx 10kms from Casa Fiesta rating 78% on 187 reviews

Hostal El Retiro


Approx 6kms from Casa Fiesta rating 86% from 94 reviews

Hotel Versalles

Granja de Rocamora

Approx. 8kms from Casa Fiesta rating 86% from 133 reviews.

Casa Solana


Approx. 5kms from Casa Fiesta rating 97% from 12 reviews








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