About Hector

hector, barman at casa fiesta parties

I was born in Málaga, Andalucia (south of Spain) and I was living there till the age of 17,afterwards I moved to Madrid for continue my studies the next years. Although I was living abroad afterwards in the States (California bay area), Latvia and Germany for several years, I still have my consolidated roots in Spain and I always will, even though I love to travel and living abroad.

Lately I live by myself, in between Benidorm and Altea, Alicante, in an incredible little paradise in the mountains, with a really nice micro-climate, 10 min far away from Altea beaches.

I started in the swinging world with close and lovely friends in 2007, I was dreaming about orgies, swinging and other kind of sex scenes at the age of 10 (as David said...is in the DNA). That is why I feel more comfortable in Casa fiesta parties than in a club (but i am not closed to anything), is just that I am feeling more in between friends....and maybe that is another reason why I value more doing everything with love and passion (crazy, dirty and kinky included ;-p).

I am not bothered either by the presence of naked men or women in the swinging scene, of course if my companion are agree too, I will regularly keep the door open while I am playing. We rather people in the same mood and vibe as us...because is nicer when you "read" each other people. But I guess the best thing you always can do...specially if you have doubts, is be polite and ask. So don't be shy and ask for join us!!

I love a nice and interesting conversations (please avoid politics and actual dramas,or any other negative thought, we come her fun, not to be sad or mad)..."always look at the bright side of life".... I love swinging (specially with intense passion and lovely care) I enjoy sports, photography, meditation, lots of different kinds of music depending on my mood (80's, rock and heavy lately) films (sci-fi, fantasy and classics in general) talk a lot philosophising about life, human conscience mind, cosmos, quantum physics and lucid dreams (if you are interested just ask me, I could guide you till the infinity of the incredible mind @-_-@)....i want to do an PhD about it.

Even though I play alone sometimes,doing threesomes or orgies, I regularly rather to swing with my girl if she is around, and people I know, specially with couples we know, but we are not closed (the best is to know us a bit) as she is starting in this world we take it easy together, but as always communication is the key...so don't hesitate on asking us. I am totally open to proposals....almost any kind (try me!) if you are nice, polite, and with a dirty and creative mind, be sure that at least we will have a nice time.

Normally you will find me serving in the bar, to help you in anything you need, in special if you don't find easily Jo, David, Debi or Clive. Be sure that I will be always trying to do my best, with my best smiley to serve you and satisfy your "thirst" ;-D. We don't regularly serve complex cocktails because the lack of time and material, but if you are patient and if the bar is not too busy we work it out.

In the party I am busy in the bar untill;

  • 01:30 at night parties
  • 18:30 in pool parties

Afterwards I am all yours. X-D

I regularly work as an architect, designer, photographer, working from building construction till furniture, web or even industrial design. At the same time I manage electricity accounts for companies, but I really enjoy helping Jo and David in every party, of course helps quite much, that they care a lot about me.....you should meet them, such a lovely guys. X-)

About Me

  • Name:  Héctor
  • Height:  182cm
  • Sexuality:  Straight
  • Nationality:  Spanish
  • Languages:  Spanish (native)/English/German/Un peu français
  • Smoke: No
  • Drink: Regularly not alcohol.


  • Pool and Jacuzzi baths
  • Passionate, creative and positive people
  • Sex
  • Go beyond my comfort zone
  • Exhibitionism
  • Women (so much) petite and big ones.
  • Round and nice ass (big ones too) ;-p
  • Swingers Parties
  • Multiple Partners
  • Polyamory
  • Photography
  • Watching my girl with guys
  • The art of seduction
  • Direct and bossy girls
  • Be surprised
  • Oral
  • Group Sex
  • Smooth ass and pussies
  • Bareback Sex


  • Lack of hygiene
  • Extremely hairy girls
  • Rough Sex / ball grabbers (pain)
  • Scat Games
  • Pushy People
  • Indecisive People
  • Boring Sex
  • Smell & Taste of Rubber
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