We encourage you to recycle at our parties.

You will find several bins around the house and the gardens marked for various types of recycling.

Please use the correct bin for each type of recycling.

We have bins for

  • glass bottles.
  • plastic bottles and beer cans.
  • food waste.
  • cardboard and paper.

We have replaced small bottles of water with a cold water dispenser, as single use plastic bottles are one of the main elements of river and ocean pollution, and as they break down the plastic gets into the food chain. People who eat a lot of sea food are slowly getting poisoned by the plastic they are ingesting. Changing from half litre plastic bottles to the dispenser reduces our waste by more than 1800 single use plastic bottles per year.

Why do we care?

As most of you know, we are both very keen scuba divers and travel around the world swimming with and photographing the creatures we see.

Over the last few years we have become aware that the amount of rubbish in the water around us is increasing rapidly.

Although many governments are trying to help reduce waste, especially plastic waste, entering the sea, there are few dives we go on that we do not see plastic bags and plastic bottles littering the sea bed, or more dangerous for many creatures, floating along looking like food. There are increasing reports of sea life dying from being entangled, poisoned or suffocated by the waste.

To a turtle, a floating plastic bag looks like its favourite food - a jelly fish, but if the turtle swallows a bag it gets trapped in its gut causing the turtle to die.

Abandoned fishing lines never decay and entangle and drown fish every day.

The plastic 6 or 8 pack holders for beer cans are also very dangerous to small turtles, to sea birds and some fish, they get them trapped around their throats and choke or around their body causing growth issues.

The issue is very bad here off of the Spanish coast, we return from every dive with plastic bottles, cans, bags, fishing line, and all sorts of other waste we have collected.

Why should you care?

It is poisoning the sea, the sea life and you! 

Most people eat some fish, most people in Spain are very keen sea food eaters.

The plastic that we put into the oceans do eventually break down into tiny microscopic beads of plastic, these get ingested by the plankton, which in turn are eaten by fish. These bits of plastic end up in ever larger fish, building up to toxic levels, the same fish are being eaten by you, and the plastic waste is building up in your body too.

It is spoiling your view

It is not very pleasant sitting on a beach with plastic bottles and beer glasses floating in the shallows, then going for a paddle and stepping on broken glass bottles.

It takes decades for most waste to decay


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