In response to conversations we have had with several couples we are changing the rules on single men attending with couples as a trio.

If the party is a couples, ladies and trios party:

  • Single men may only attend as the guest of a couple.
  • Single men must be between 20 and 45.
  • We reserve the right to ask men arriving for these parties for proof of age if they look over 45.
  • Single men must arrive and leave with the couple who are sponsoring them.
  • Single men who add themselves to the guest list without having a sponsor couple will be removed.
  • Single men who turn up at the house without a female partner or a couple will be refused entry. 
  • Attendance at a previous party does not give you a pass for future parties.

We do not do personal invitations for single men, it is up to you to find a couple or lady to attend with.

We recommend using to find a swinging partner.

Please do not ring or WhatsApp us asking for an invitation - you will not get one.

If the party is a couples and singles party:

  • Single men must be between 20 and 45.
  • Single men need to send an email to Jo at least a week before the party asking for an invitation
  • You need to attach a photo showing your face or a full length portrait.
  • Men sending cock shots will not be invited.
  • Jo will review the applications and select the men who will be given invitations. 
  • Single men must have a personal invitation to attend. 
  • We allow a ratio of a maximum of 1 single male per couple.
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